Total Eclipse

Racist Season Is Open

Place holder 18/04

Something Happens

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Creating Conspiracy: Attempt 1


  • We muck about with the water plant in the Arkology and add Bret and Zephyr to the employee list.
  • Hunting for clues to Nika’s riddle. Find out that an agent called Pharaohs Guardian goes back and forth between pinnacle and basement of Arkology network. Set one of Pwnan’s agents to watch for it.
  • Bret uses his magical chemist powers to create the metal residue that was allegedly found in the lungs of Teardrops victims.


  • Go to find Vernon Tarrick. He’s pretty scary. We lure him away to the murder basement with the promise of a sexy party then beat him unconcious and drown him. Fulfil the other criteria of Teardrops MO.
  • Cyberware we pulled is buried nearby incase we can figure out a way to get it out of the Arkology.
  • Dragun steals him some guns.
  • Use Jackie’s comlink to call the police to the scene.
  • Tell the news to get some conspiracy buzz going hopefully.
  • Pharaohs Guardian is detected. Epic OMGForce hack commences. Vicious rings all pissed and makes Bret and Pwnan go to Redmond. They give them a scolding, sort out their problems for a small fee and then let them join Shadowsea! YAY!
  • Find out that Deus is believed to be codenamed Pharoh and that is what is stored in Pinnacle. They stopped him by cutting his hardline to the matrix in the basement of the Arkology. CLUETASTIC.
We Did Something Right!
  • Ras really likes churros when he’s craving the novacoke. Let it be known.


  • Calid sets us up a meeting with Carlos Santiego of Aztechnologies. He wants us to pretend to be a serial killer called Teardrop so that the housing prices in the Arkology drop more and he can do dodgy corporate housing takeovers or something.
  • Teardrop M.O. – sector A5, kills cyberenhanced folks by drowning them and then gouging out their obvious bits of tech. Then he draws a lovely little teardrop of blood on their faces.
  • He’ll pay us 12,000 NY when the prices drop by 1% from the current.
  • No time limit.
  • Go to Arkology and meet Jackie Millun a slightly bonkers tenant.
  • Dragun talks to his police friends and finds out there’s a nasty fella with cyberware called Vernon Tarrick who lives in sector A5.
  • Get the address of Teardrop and go check out his house. Nika steals his killun knives.
  • Bret preps a drowning tub in the basement of a building.


WE WIN AT THE TRUCK JOB! Nobody friendly dies. Everyone is happy. We get paid. 12,000 NY for us winners.

An Expensive Mistake...
We will *never* see that kind of money again in our lifetimes
  • Abandoned by Joey, Nika and Zephyr took shelter in the basement of the small shop, obfuscating the trapdoor with magic
  • Joey returned to save them, aiming to cause a distraction while they escaped with an unconscious Raz. However, the plan went awry, and Joey lost his bike to the Trollcannon. Joey kept running until he got to the beach, where he had a Feast and cried a little bit. Meanwhile, the others just waited until the police went home, then left unnoticed.
  • Khalid sent Raz to the hospital, then was angry, then was nice. He gave the team ¥2000 to sort themselves out, and introduced Dragon, who is actually a dwarf with hairy trousers.
  • We all went to the theme park to cheer ourselves up. Pwnan wanted to win a Conan plushie on the test-your-strength game, but was too feeble. Vlad hustled the shooting gallery roustabout out of a top-prize air rifle, then further hustled the test-of-strength guy into swapping it for a Conan plushie. He did not give it to Pwnan. Dragon, however, won one legitimately and did give it to Pwnan, who became his new best friend. Between the six of us, we were completely unable to win a goldfish from the most rudimentary of sideshow games.
  • Attended the residents meeting, where most of the locals seemed to be stupid, racist-by-default types, rather than actual fascists. However, Zephyr (wearing a reasonable amount of face-putty) received a secret invite to a Humanis Polyclub meeting.
  • Drove into the desert to “brief” the Children of the Storm. Stopped by Danny Trejo and friends on the way, unable to negotiate due to his impenetrable stupidity, had to pay ¥50 to pass. One day, I am going to drive out to the desert and end him.
A bit of a pickle...


  • Sketching out plans for truck heist. Decide on use of plastic explosives as backup to spread the Uranium and make people sad. Must ensure there is plenty of visible magic.
  • Request explosives and van from Bruno, which is then picked up later that day (4 bricks of explosive, detonator and remote). Find out that CoS have miniwelder we could use.
  • Ras uses the fake company from before to open contact with International Logistics. Finds out about their trains and security options. Trucks are weak at joins and not armoured.
  • Pwnan & Bret hack International Logistics and find out the following information about the security:
    Conastaga truck – 2 carriages (+ drive carriage)
    Driven by Roger Morris.
    Coming into Seattle via military base
    Security head is Daniel Careys
    2 escort vehicles with 2 armed guards in each.
    2 further guards in mid carriage along with matrix watching magiger.
    Nuclear containment in rear carriage.


  • Ras woken by phone call told to go alone to International Hypersim. He meets Mr. Smith in his office and he tries to charge us 20,000NY for ‘damages’ as we failed to complete the Morpheus job to their specification. Ras sends out an SoS sensing he’s probably not very safe. After a bit of haggling Ras ends up refusing to pay and gets koshed by the bodyguards.
  • Zephyr, Nika and Joey get the gear together and head off to stage a rescue. Pwnan meanwhile is hacking Mr. Smith’s head for dirty intel.
  • Nika goes eagle form and spots Ras through a window. Phantasms a fire alarm. All bust into the building and manage to fetch Ras – Ras and Nika take gunshot wounds in the process though both are still concious. Take out two security guards at the building front. Knights Errant arrive. Duck into an alley then a shop storeroom in attempt to escape. They shoot out the shop front with a transforming van-cannon.

Zephyr and Pwnan are lying low for this session as Jade is AWOL

  • Don’t want to divert too much energy to Morpheus job. Program is updated so that is crashes more often and we spread some bad word around the forums in a hope to create a more negative buzz about the product.
  • Ras gets a call from Bruno, he wants to meet with us for lunch (along with his boss Jimmy McFinnigan) and have a chat.
  • At lunch we learn the mafia is trying to form an alliance with the triads so they can take down the yanks. To improve mafia relations with the triads we’re to help a magical terrorist group called ‘children of storm’ (CoS) to cause magical trouble in the hopes of getting trade restrictions on magical items. This will take down the dominant company Wooxing and allow the triads more profit in that area. Pay: 10,000 NY
  • Bruno drives us out to the CoS base, an abandoned farm in Puyallup and introduces us to Earl Memphis. We also meet Bethany Green (their leader) and are assigned six of their number – 3 awakened – to do the job with us.
  • Job is to intercept a Shiawasi road train for a rock. Train is en route to Elemental Labs, coming into Takoma on Monday from the south. Research reveals the rock probably contains Uranium.
  • Ras and Bret form a fake company and infiltrate elemental labs under the pretence of customers. They find out a bit about the layout and notice that all delivery trucks on the premises are from International Logistics.
  • Nika hitches a ride from a creeper Elemental employee, Steve Stevenson. They go to a bar and she learns he works in the plastics department. She gives him her number then heads back to base.
The Doberman Maneuver.


  • Angry Raven Dad appears to Nika in a dream and tells her off then asks her to find “something of power and something of this place” for her lodge so it can accustom itself to the city.
  • Nika gets an introduction to Calid and then heads out to see her talismonger (Curios Steve). He tells her that she should go to “Fenris Nacht” a magic club in Takoma and speak to Roderick Drayton.
  • Meanwhile Ras is scouting for more work. He meets his mafia contact for lunch and he asks him to shakedown a jewellers that is being watched by the triads. This is a personal favour and he does not wish there to be any mafia connection implied. Pay: 4,000NY
  • Zephyr, also scouting for work, heads to see Kreg in his bar. He tells her that Clarence Pierce, fancy elf fella, has placed a bounty on members of the human supremist group “Humanis Polyclub”. He’ll pay 500NY for a name (and a further 250NY for an address to go with it) or 2000NY per head.
  • The gang decides it’s jewellery robbing time! They steal a random car and head to the shop. They successfully retrieve all the goods required – though kill a couple of triads in the process. The stolen wheels are dumped in a side-street. Vlad keeps some very fetching ‘Thug Life’ rings and the rest of the goods and the money are handed over to mafia-man and all are happy and paid.
  • In the evening the release of Morpheus is successfully swapped to our version of the program.


  • Ras gets an early morning phonecall to meet with the employer for the morpheus job. Upon meeting they express disappointment that the reviews for the program are good and it is being received fairly well. We’re to meet with them again on Thurs.
  • Do a bit of research on the Humanis Polyclub and find out they are having a neighbourhood meeting that we could go to.
  • Nika & Zephyr head to Fenris Nacht and meet Roderick. He’s a bit scary. He agrees to get some undergrass for Nika in exchange for a favour to be cashed in at a later date. They drink some wierd herb stuff and smoke some deepweed and have a funky astral plane adventure. Zephyr learns she is awakened.
A New Arrival...
  • Boss gave us $3000 to convince Emma to join our gang
    • she joined us for free; we ultimately spent the money on pimping the ride and also on some drugs
  • dodge scooted over to the the reviewers’ respective houses, and replaced the review copies of the game (hacked Natasha’s commlink, mind-controlled Nico to turn on his media PC so we could hack that)
  • got another invite to Tux’s, got someone in there to host our hacked version of the game on ShadowSea
    • probably got the login from Liam. I might kill him one day.
  • Vlad went to get the car fixed, but it cost more that he expected
    • got Raz to put up half of the money, paid out of our emergency expense account for hiring Emma
    • Joey lent him the other half, assuming he’ll get it back once we finish the job
    • the shop is waiting for the parts. There was a weird exchange involving painting the car in two phases being more expensive than doing it in one go.
  • went to Dante’s inferno
    • Raz bullied some kids into giving him their drugs
    • Vlad got kicked out for being raucus
    • Everyone else was a bit sad about not being able to go further downstairs, except Emma, who was having a lovely time
    • got in a fight with the drug kids’ friends while we waited outside: we were all fairly ineffective, but Emma summoned some rats that were pretty great
    • Raz wanted to go somewhere where he could murder someone, but couldn’t find anywhere suitable, so we all had a kebab and went home
The Worst Ambush
Because that is what it was...
  • Ambushed the courier delivering the demo copies to the reviewers
    • used camera drone to determine how the handover was made (uploaded to courier’s commlink, with various security protocols)
    • courier seet off on a fast sportsbike
    • Vlad, Zephyr and a concealed Brett intercepted him, rear-ending his bike at a set of red lights
    • Paid off an angry troll with some fake details
    • courier wasn’t buying Vlad’s story, and was concerned with the fact that Brett was obviously trying to jack into his brain, so started to phone the police
    • In a panic, Vlad shot him twice in the chest, at a busy intersection in broad daylight. The three of them bundled the courier into the back of the car, and drove away.
    • After Brett tried (unsuccessfully) to hack the courier’s commlink, and Raz (unsuccessfully) tried to organise anything with the courier company, the plan was called off.
  • The new plan involved disposing of a body
    • Raz and Vlad tracked down enough acid to dissolve a body from one of Raz’s contacts.
    • The two of them drove out into the ash wastes (fast-talking a cop on the way), to bury the body with no problems.
    • Later Raz organised a respray/ID change for the car, at a junkyard in the wastes. Taking a reluctant Joey along, the cop couldn’t be fast talked this time.
    • With little investment in the first place, Joey went home, leaving Vlad to drive around downtown all night, drinking Monster Energy Drink, until the cop changed shifts.
    • Vlad eventually got to the junkyard (alone) and haggled a small price reduction and a respray out of the owner. However, the respray was dreadful (ran out of paint half way through, used a different shade of red for the rest…) and refused to pay.
    • The owner went out back to get something, at which point, Vlad left around half the bill in credsticks, and left
    • As Vlad was fleeing, the owner shouted after him, telling hime to stop, or he’d set “the boys” on him. Vlad paused for a moment, then realising the ash wastes aren’t in corporate territory, and that he still has an unused Super-Platinum DocWagon contract, set off again.
    • “The Boys” turned out to be a trio of dreadful hover drones which could barely keep up with the car. The few bullets that did hit, left a few holes which had to be explained to the sentry cop, but otherwise Vlad escaped the desert.
  • Literally no more progress has been made with the mission than when we started.

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