Ras Pilkington

Ex-corp, Ex-Gangster Face


Fake SINs:
Fernando “Crumbutch” Butch-Crumbutch-Butch 4, Pistol License 4
Ras Kemp 4
Grosvenor Menzies 2


Ras used to work for Federated Boeing, for years he worked up the ladder and became a director of the logistics department. Headstrong, ruthless and proud, Ras sought his success in spite of the anti-ork prejudices of his peers. Throughout his career, he had no qualms about using illegal means to meet his ends, and by the time he became director he was also closely aligned with the Seattle Mafia. Unable to turn down the opportunity of greater power, wealth and success Ras became involved in a violent and merciless endeavour between the Mafia and a corporation which rivalled Federated Boeing. The coup raised his status in the Mafia and resulted in the ruining of the opposing corporate endeavours in the area, however Ras was sold out to the authorities. He was dismissed from his role at Federated Boeing so the corporation could keep face, and he was publicly denounced. Obliged to stand trial for his crimes, he fled UCAS. For the last ten years he has been keeping off the grid. Now the heat has died down, he is back in Seattle, running the shadows, contracting his experience of corporate espionage.

Ras Pilkington

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