Brethren Phillips

Rigger/Gadget Guy


Lourdes Breton 4, Pistol License 4, Smartlink License 4, Security License 2
Arnold Ritterfuchs 3
Polesden Lacey 3


Bret, a child genius, excels at electronics and hardware, and is fascinated by security. Born SINless and into poverty to a single mother in FDC, Bret taught himself the intricacies of technology using second hand (or stolen) commlinks to access the matrix and tinkered with broken or scrapped drones to learn his skills. Running the shadows since his early teens, hacking, rigging and breaking and entering to make money, he decided to leave FDC to keep the heat off and start a new career in Seattle – chosen for the music and the culture – and to get his teeth into the corporate security of the city.

Brethren Phillips

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