Total Eclipse

We Did Something Right!

  • Ras really likes churros when he’s craving the novacoke. Let it be known.


  • Calid sets us up a meeting with Carlos Santiego of Aztechnologies. He wants us to pretend to be a serial killer called Teardrop so that the housing prices in the Arkology drop more and he can do dodgy corporate housing takeovers or something.
  • Teardrop M.O. – sector A5, kills cyberenhanced folks by drowning them and then gouging out their obvious bits of tech. Then he draws a lovely little teardrop of blood on their faces.
  • He’ll pay us 12,000 NY when the prices drop by 1% from the current.
  • No time limit.
  • Go to Arkology and meet Jackie Millun a slightly bonkers tenant.
  • Dragun talks to his police friends and finds out there’s a nasty fella with cyberware called Vernon Tarrick who lives in sector A5.
  • Get the address of Teardrop and go check out his house. Nika steals his killun knives.
  • Bret preps a drowning tub in the basement of a building.


WE WIN AT THE TRUCK JOB! Nobody friendly dies. Everyone is happy. We get paid. 12,000 NY for us winners.



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