Total Eclipse

The Worst Ambush

Because that is what it was...

  • Ambushed the courier delivering the demo copies to the reviewers
    • used camera drone to determine how the handover was made (uploaded to courier’s commlink, with various security protocols)
    • courier seet off on a fast sportsbike
    • Vlad, Zephyr and a concealed Brett intercepted him, rear-ending his bike at a set of red lights
    • Paid off an angry troll with some fake details
    • courier wasn’t buying Vlad’s story, and was concerned with the fact that Brett was obviously trying to jack into his brain, so started to phone the police
    • In a panic, Vlad shot him twice in the chest, at a busy intersection in broad daylight. The three of them bundled the courier into the back of the car, and drove away.
    • After Brett tried (unsuccessfully) to hack the courier’s commlink, and Raz (unsuccessfully) tried to organise anything with the courier company, the plan was called off.
  • The new plan involved disposing of a body
    • Raz and Vlad tracked down enough acid to dissolve a body from one of Raz’s contacts.
    • The two of them drove out into the ash wastes (fast-talking a cop on the way), to bury the body with no problems.
    • Later Raz organised a respray/ID change for the car, at a junkyard in the wastes. Taking a reluctant Joey along, the cop couldn’t be fast talked this time.
    • With little investment in the first place, Joey went home, leaving Vlad to drive around downtown all night, drinking Monster Energy Drink, until the cop changed shifts.
    • Vlad eventually got to the junkyard (alone) and haggled a small price reduction and a respray out of the owner. However, the respray was dreadful (ran out of paint half way through, used a different shade of red for the rest…) and refused to pay.
    • The owner went out back to get something, at which point, Vlad left around half the bill in credsticks, and left
    • As Vlad was fleeing, the owner shouted after him, telling hime to stop, or he’d set “the boys” on him. Vlad paused for a moment, then realising the ash wastes aren’t in corporate territory, and that he still has an unused Super-Platinum DocWagon contract, set off again.
    • “The Boys” turned out to be a trio of dreadful hover drones which could barely keep up with the car. The few bullets that did hit, left a few holes which had to be explained to the sentry cop, but otherwise Vlad escaped the desert.
  • Literally no more progress has been made with the mission than when we started.



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