Total Eclipse

The Doberman Maneuver.


  • Angry Raven Dad appears to Nika in a dream and tells her off then asks her to find “something of power and something of this place” for her lodge so it can accustom itself to the city.
  • Nika gets an introduction to Calid and then heads out to see her talismonger (Curios Steve). He tells her that she should go to “Fenris Nacht” a magic club in Takoma and speak to Roderick Drayton.
  • Meanwhile Ras is scouting for more work. He meets his mafia contact for lunch and he asks him to shakedown a jewellers that is being watched by the triads. This is a personal favour and he does not wish there to be any mafia connection implied. Pay: 4,000NY
  • Zephyr, also scouting for work, heads to see Kreg in his bar. He tells her that Clarence Pierce, fancy elf fella, has placed a bounty on members of the human supremist group “Humanis Polyclub”. He’ll pay 500NY for a name (and a further 250NY for an address to go with it) or 2000NY per head.
  • The gang decides it’s jewellery robbing time! They steal a random car and head to the shop. They successfully retrieve all the goods required – though kill a couple of triads in the process. The stolen wheels are dumped in a side-street. Vlad keeps some very fetching ‘Thug Life’ rings and the rest of the goods and the money are handed over to mafia-man and all are happy and paid.
  • In the evening the release of Morpheus is successfully swapped to our version of the program.


  • Ras gets an early morning phonecall to meet with the employer for the morpheus job. Upon meeting they express disappointment that the reviews for the program are good and it is being received fairly well. We’re to meet with them again on Thurs.
  • Do a bit of research on the Humanis Polyclub and find out they are having a neighbourhood meeting that we could go to.
  • Nika & Zephyr head to Fenris Nacht and meet Roderick. He’s a bit scary. He agrees to get some undergrass for Nika in exchange for a favour to be cashed in at a later date. They drink some wierd herb stuff and smoke some deepweed and have a funky astral plane adventure. Zephyr learns she is awakened.



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