Total Eclipse

Session 3

Bret,Zephyr and Joey took the Bliss and Depressing BTL simsense and the Morpheus source-code back to Bret’s place. Bret and Joey tested the simsense and determined they were BTL.

Bret started modifying the Morpheus source code to include features of Depression.

Meanwhile, at the Charity Dinner: Ras and Vlad attended using fake invitations arranged by Pwnan. They sat with Niko Chan and Natasha Romanakova and also Kevin Jenkins (simsense “celebrity”). At the dinner, Ras and Vlad talked to Niko and Natasha about Simsense and learned their opinions on the topic.

After dinner, Ras, Vlad and Joey went to Kevin’s for an after-party. Kevin ordered prostitutes, Novacoke was had, and Ras and Vlad left in the early hours.

Next day: Finished creating the modified Morpheus. Ras used his contacts to get a fake courier ID, Zephyr created the design, Bret attached the rfid, Pwnan added rfid code.

Plan was hatched to stop courier and switch delivery of simsense to reviewers.



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