Total Eclipse

Session 2

We didn't fill this in

I am not impressed. We should fill this in. – Darren

EDIT 02/02/12
Indeed. I have filled this in for you this time so that last sessions activities are not forgotten. I have quite a lot to do with writing anyway, please fill this in guys. – Charlie

Characters receive a new job and are instructed to meet Diane Farrel, of International HyperSim (a SimSense company), at Marcus’ hovel. At the meeting they are introduced to Diane’s boss, Paul Smith, who rudely scrutinizes the group then leaves Diane to give the details.

The players are to ruin the product launch of Morpheus (by Leviathan Tech), which is a competing piece of SimSense and subtly ensures its users always have pleasant dreams. Diane points out Nico Chen and Natasha Romanakov are reviewing it and at the very least they expect bad reviews. The job will pay 7K … plus an unspecified unpromised bonus based on performance.

The players spend some time consolidating their information base and decide they would like to get connected to ShadowSea: the premier shadowrunner information network in Seattle. A contact, Dade Override, points the group to “NightFox” a hacker commonly known to haunt Syberspace (an AR club downtown). The party visit the club, where Pwnan endears himself by buying the whole club a beer and in the process getting himself club membership (and the favorable attentions of a female called Lucinde). Liam (NightFox) can’t connect the players to ShadowSea, but he can get them into a virtual bar called TuX’s … he exchanges the address for a root password to Leviathan techs server (which Pwnan quickly procures). There they meet a hacker called “Viscous” who explains the characters need to show their worth to the Seattle streets before they will gain entry to ShadowSea. In attempting to cover their tracks the players lie and claim they are planning on infiltrating Hollywood Entertainment, Viscous offers them a guest pass to ShadowSea if they install an agent of hers there.

Abandoning ShadowSea for the time being the party returns to the mission. They find Chen and Romanakovs details, and also find they are attending a charity dinner at Purple Haze on tuesday night (Which Pwnan quickly secures guest list passes for). And some drone surveilance by Brethren reveals that Leviathan plan to deliver the product to reviewers on Thursday, and that someone called “Ian” is important to developing the product.

Brethren and Zephyr decide to break in and infiltrate Leviathan at night while their colleagues go to the charity dinner. After disabling the cameras and rewiring some locks they find themselves in the offices. Brethren manages to steal Morpheous source code off a secure server while Zephyr finds a safe containing source code for two other products “Depression” and “Bliss” as well as a lot of money (which she leaves).



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