Total Eclipse

Session 1

A beginning

Adventure 1
- Arrived in Seattle, rescued from Security by S.C.O.P.E./Kalid Barnett, who asked us to join E.C.L.I.P.S.E. – a Shadowrunning agency
- Got our first job from “Nocturne” (who later turned out to be Kalid…)
- Introduced to secretary Matilda (elf) and retainer Donny (dwarf)
- Nocturne wanted us to steal a test file from Umbral Computing – a small and suspiciously empty company
- Broke in (both physically and in the matrix); found the file using the root password stuck outside; found fake company and employee data in the VR representation of the staff database
- Also discovered a papertrail of clues, revealing that it was a test…
- Failed to spot a Sprite, and to discover the real owner
- Met a troll Dirk in the liquor store downstairs from the agency
- All bought property, except Vlad who sleeps in the office
- Vlad collected the car his dad bought him; Joey collected his bike
- “Pwnan” was born…



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