Total Eclipse

Creating Conspiracy: Attempt 1


  • We muck about with the water plant in the Arkology and add Bret and Zephyr to the employee list.
  • Hunting for clues to Nika’s riddle. Find out that an agent called Pharaohs Guardian goes back and forth between pinnacle and basement of Arkology network. Set one of Pwnan’s agents to watch for it.
  • Bret uses his magical chemist powers to create the metal residue that was allegedly found in the lungs of Teardrops victims.


  • Go to find Vernon Tarrick. He’s pretty scary. We lure him away to the murder basement with the promise of a sexy party then beat him unconcious and drown him. Fulfil the other criteria of Teardrops MO.
  • Cyberware we pulled is buried nearby incase we can figure out a way to get it out of the Arkology.
  • Dragun steals him some guns.
  • Use Jackie’s comlink to call the police to the scene.
  • Tell the news to get some conspiracy buzz going hopefully.
  • Pharaohs Guardian is detected. Epic OMGForce hack commences. Vicious rings all pissed and makes Bret and Pwnan go to Redmond. They give them a scolding, sort out their problems for a small fee and then let them join Shadowsea! YAY!
  • Find out that Deus is believed to be codenamed Pharoh and that is what is stored in Pinnacle. They stopped him by cutting his hardline to the matrix in the basement of the Arkology. CLUETASTIC.



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