Total Eclipse


Zephyr and Pwnan are lying low for this session as Jade is AWOL

  • Don’t want to divert too much energy to Morpheus job. Program is updated so that is crashes more often and we spread some bad word around the forums in a hope to create a more negative buzz about the product.
  • Ras gets a call from Bruno, he wants to meet with us for lunch (along with his boss Jimmy McFinnigan) and have a chat.
  • At lunch we learn the mafia is trying to form an alliance with the triads so they can take down the yanks. To improve mafia relations with the triads we’re to help a magical terrorist group called ‘children of storm’ (CoS) to cause magical trouble in the hopes of getting trade restrictions on magical items. This will take down the dominant company Wooxing and allow the triads more profit in that area. Pay: 10,000 NY
  • Bruno drives us out to the CoS base, an abandoned farm in Puyallup and introduces us to Earl Memphis. We also meet Bethany Green (their leader) and are assigned six of their number – 3 awakened – to do the job with us.
  • Job is to intercept a Shiawasi road train for a rock. Train is en route to Elemental Labs, coming into Takoma on Monday from the south. Research reveals the rock probably contains Uranium.
  • Ras and Bret form a fake company and infiltrate elemental labs under the pretence of customers. They find out a bit about the layout and notice that all delivery trucks on the premises are from International Logistics.
  • Nika hitches a ride from a creeper Elemental employee, Steve Stevenson. They go to a bar and she learns he works in the plastics department. She gives him her number then heads back to base.



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