Total Eclipse

An Expensive Mistake...

We will *never* see that kind of money again in our lifetimes

  • Abandoned by Joey, Nika and Zephyr took shelter in the basement of the small shop, obfuscating the trapdoor with magic
  • Joey returned to save them, aiming to cause a distraction while they escaped with an unconscious Raz. However, the plan went awry, and Joey lost his bike to the Trollcannon. Joey kept running until he got to the beach, where he had a Feast and cried a little bit. Meanwhile, the others just waited until the police went home, then left unnoticed.
  • Khalid sent Raz to the hospital, then was angry, then was nice. He gave the team ¥2000 to sort themselves out, and introduced Dragon, who is actually a dwarf with hairy trousers.
  • We all went to the theme park to cheer ourselves up. Pwnan wanted to win a Conan plushie on the test-your-strength game, but was too feeble. Vlad hustled the shooting gallery roustabout out of a top-prize air rifle, then further hustled the test-of-strength guy into swapping it for a Conan plushie. He did not give it to Pwnan. Dragon, however, won one legitimately and did give it to Pwnan, who became his new best friend. Between the six of us, we were completely unable to win a goldfish from the most rudimentary of sideshow games.
  • Attended the residents meeting, where most of the locals seemed to be stupid, racist-by-default types, rather than actual fascists. However, Zephyr (wearing a reasonable amount of face-putty) received a secret invite to a Humanis Polyclub meeting.
  • Drove into the desert to “brief” the Children of the Storm. Stopped by Danny Trejo and friends on the way, unable to negotiate due to his impenetrable stupidity, had to pay ¥50 to pass. One day, I am going to drive out to the desert and end him.



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