Total Eclipse

A New Arrival...

  • Boss gave us $3000 to convince Emma to join our gang
    • she joined us for free; we ultimately spent the money on pimping the ride and also on some drugs
  • dodge scooted over to the the reviewers’ respective houses, and replaced the review copies of the game (hacked Natasha’s commlink, mind-controlled Nico to turn on his media PC so we could hack that)
  • got another invite to Tux’s, got someone in there to host our hacked version of the game on ShadowSea
    • probably got the login from Liam. I might kill him one day.
  • Vlad went to get the car fixed, but it cost more that he expected
    • got Raz to put up half of the money, paid out of our emergency expense account for hiring Emma
    • Joey lent him the other half, assuming he’ll get it back once we finish the job
    • the shop is waiting for the parts. There was a weird exchange involving painting the car in two phases being more expensive than doing it in one go.
  • went to Dante’s inferno
    • Raz bullied some kids into giving him their drugs
    • Vlad got kicked out for being raucus
    • Everyone else was a bit sad about not being able to go further downstairs, except Emma, who was having a lovely time
    • got in a fight with the drug kids’ friends while we waited outside: we were all fairly ineffective, but Emma summoned some rats that were pretty great
    • Raz wanted to go somewhere where he could murder someone, but couldn’t find anywhere suitable, so we all had a kebab and went home


I like this update :)

A New Arrival...

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