Total Eclipse

A bit of a pickle...


  • Sketching out plans for truck heist. Decide on use of plastic explosives as backup to spread the Uranium and make people sad. Must ensure there is plenty of visible magic.
  • Request explosives and van from Bruno, which is then picked up later that day (4 bricks of explosive, detonator and remote). Find out that CoS have miniwelder we could use.
  • Ras uses the fake company from before to open contact with International Logistics. Finds out about their trains and security options. Trucks are weak at joins and not armoured.
  • Pwnan & Bret hack International Logistics and find out the following information about the security:
    Conastaga truck – 2 carriages (+ drive carriage)
    Driven by Roger Morris.
    Coming into Seattle via military base
    Security head is Daniel Careys
    2 escort vehicles with 2 armed guards in each.
    2 further guards in mid carriage along with matrix watching magiger.
    Nuclear containment in rear carriage.


  • Ras woken by phone call told to go alone to International Hypersim. He meets Mr. Smith in his office and he tries to charge us 20,000NY for ‘damages’ as we failed to complete the Morpheus job to their specification. Ras sends out an SoS sensing he’s probably not very safe. After a bit of haggling Ras ends up refusing to pay and gets koshed by the bodyguards.
  • Zephyr, Nika and Joey get the gear together and head off to stage a rescue. Pwnan meanwhile is hacking Mr. Smith’s head for dirty intel.
  • Nika goes eagle form and spots Ras through a window. Phantasms a fire alarm. All bust into the building and manage to fetch Ras – Ras and Nika take gunshot wounds in the process though both are still concious. Take out two security guards at the building front. Knights Errant arrive. Duck into an alley then a shop storeroom in attempt to escape. They shoot out the shop front with a transforming van-cannon.



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